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Question still comes to mind...What happened between Echo and Alpha? She left last season with Alpha and than beginning of this season she'sback at the Dollhouse, what happened?

No... they got her back in the Season 1 finale.

I kinda liked the latest episode, too. I'm still intrigued enough to keep watching the show.

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Dollhouse has been cancelled.

Dollhouse is Cancelled

Plug pulled on Joss Whedon series.

It's not shocking news, but the Hollywood Reporter says the Dollhouse has indeed been cancelled. FOX had previously vowed to finish producing and airing all thirteen episodes ordered for Season 2, and the Reporter says that's still expected to be the case the show is currently filming episode 11.

Dollhouse's renewal back in May was a big surprise, as it had very low ratings in its first year. After they dropped even further in Season 2, the writing was on the wall and Joss Whedon's comments about giving the show some closure with the thirteenth episode this year indicated he knew not to expect any more episodes ordered beyond that.

FOX removed Dollhouse from the schedule during November sweeps, but it will return in December with back-to-back episodes airing for three weeks on Fridays before the final episodes of the series air in January.

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Not that surprising. To be frank, it wasn't that good of a show, and I'm still kind of boggling at how it got the second season it did with the viewership numbers it had.

Fox had a contract with Whedon that said they had to give him a second season or pay him a ridiculous amount of money.

He didn't get one of these for Firefly instead, why?

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Probably because Firefly was the reason he got one of these. Remember, going into Firefly, Whedon was coming off of 2 hit shows that were produced by Fox, but aired on the WB and UPN. If Firefly had been a hit, and there was little reason to think it wouldn't given its pedigree, Fox would have made a lot more money (that is, more than it made from Buffy or Angel, since they didn't get revenue from advertising during initial airing of those series). Instead it languished in a terrible timeslot, got zero promotion and aired out of order. It gained such a cult following though, that its DVD sales shot through the roof and convinced Fox to finance a feature film spinoff. That's not really a cheap out for Fox, though I'm pretty sure Serenity made them some money.

I'm pretty sure it was a simple contract demand for Whedon to make, given the way Firefly had been handled, and producing a second 13 episode season would be roughly akin to producing a film. Whedon didn't want to fall in love with an idea and have to give it up immediately, and Fox avoids the intense "BUT YOU DIDN'T EVEN GIVE IT A CHANCE!!!" criticism from fans of the show. It would also simplify second season production if one was guaranteed, as actor and crew contracts can be structured accordingly.

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The series actually began to get heavily interesting for me. With the introduction of Summer Glau, the series expanded on a concept not yet fully realized. What bugs the hell out of me is FOX's short attention span, they don't really give a series a chance. Also they canceled Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles for this series and they still canceled it. T:TSCC had a terrific S2 cliffhanger, but of course it was never finalized. The people in the FOX offices probably don't even watch TV.

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Well, to be fair, Dollhouse only got good after it was announced to have been cancelled. The second half of Season 2 was pretty great, but that's about it.

I got really interested in the story once it finally started going somewhere, but I don't blame Fox for cancelling the series. I'll miss the show to an extent, but not so much that I'll join a Firefly-esque petition to get it back.

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