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Rooney Mara is in talks to play Nancy Thompson in Samuel Bayer's redo of A Nightmare on Elm Street, reports Bloody-Disgusting. Filming begins next month in Chicago with Platinum Dunes producing.

The actress joins Jackie Earle Haley (the new Freddy Krueger), Kyle Gallner and Thomas Dekker. In Wes Craven's 1984 "Nightmare," Thompson was played by Heather Langenkamp who returned to the franchise for A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 and Wes Craven's New Nightmare.

Mara appeared briefly in Urban Legends: Bloody Mary, credited as "Classroom girl #1," and later appeared on "ER" and The Winning Season with Sam Rockwell.

Warner Bros. and New Line will release A Nightmare on Elm Street in theaters on April 16, 2010.

That is about as unknown as you can get. Coincidentally, her sister just got announced for Iron Man 2.

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I have a feeling the first one will be quite good, the others, probably not so much. Texas Chainsaw Massacre anyone?

I actually liked Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the prequel. They were dark and gritty and made themselves their own film, not a carbon copy remake like Psycho was. Its not better than the original and it dos tend to get graphic in its gore, but that is just the sign of the times. I'm 27 and while I will always love the first two TCM films that Tobe Hooper made, I don't mind the remake and prequel. Its different and that is what remakes are supposed to do, they are meant to take a classic tale and spin it in its own new direction.

I just saw My Bloody Valentine 3D and thought that was good too, it again kept the initial story, but tweaked it a bit, so it was its own film for its own generation.

Psycho was a film that did it all wrong, it remade the film shot for shot, with little to no modern changes, what is the point in remaking the film if all you're going to do it copy it step by step?

I am actually looking forward to the new film, the guy they have playing Freddy looks like he may very well fill the part nicely, I just hope he has the acting talent to continue what Robert Englund perfected. I can't say the sequels will suck until I see what they do with the remake, it may be good, it may be a shitfest. I just hope that this new series hold up well to the original and learns from the mistakes the original series had done.

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The trailer is here.


I see a lot of scenes from the original, and possibly the second Elm St., so that's cool.

The burning Freddy pulling off his coat to reveal the sweater is sweet! Such a cool shot.

Middle of the road

It looks to be lacking visual flavor, which the first had in spades, but maybe the trailer isn't doing it justice.

Same goes for his face; they show very little of it here, but I'm not sold. Though he looks more like a true burn victim, it might not be the right look for Freddy. We'll see.


The voice. Yikes!

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I don't know how to feel about the trailer. I grew up with Robert Englund as Freddy and Jackie Earle Haley, just from the footage here, doesn't hold a candle to him. I'm sure he'll bring something new to the role but, overall, it feels like he's trying to do an impression and I'll second Yoda on his voice, especially in the flashback opening of the trailer. It sounds like Freddy has a lisp. That said, I'll still see the movie opening weekend but then go home and watch Dream Warriors to wash the taste out of my mouth.

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I think it is pretty damned interesting. Looks great. I like the visual homages, I looooove that he actually looks like a burn victim and I like the voice. Seems like what someone might sound like if the moisture in their trachea had been boiled.

PLus, it looks as though they are playing up the "he might be innocent" angle whish I also find kind of interesting.

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Well, lets go through them.

1: awesome movie.

2: Heap of shite, tried to be different, failed.

3: Awesome film, really a sequel to the first film.

4: Awful.

5: 4.5 so was just as awful.

6: When you bash your head off a wall and throw in pop references, wrap it in crap, you get this.

New Nightmare: The first half was boring, but the second half was really eerie and awesome.

The TV show did go into Freddy before the fire, but barely anyone saw the show, and Freddy was just annoying in the episode. He knew in advance he could attack people in their dreams before he was killed by the parents.

So, not counting new Nightmare, which wasn't really a part of the series, as it stands on it's own, and you could just be told it's a fake movie series, their is only two that are really good movies.

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