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Guest DCAUFan1051

with me recording my all cartoon supplemental I've been in the mood for cartoon and TV themes right now I'm listening to themes like:

X-Men 1992

Spider-Man 1994




Justice League



Tiny Toon Adventures


TV Series:

Knight Rider

Boston Public

Night Court

and a whole lot more.

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I’m about to listen to Fantomas The Director’s Cut in preparation for Big Day Out. It’s the only album from them I haven’t listened to and it's going to be the set they'll be playing this weekend.

The last Big Day Out I went to was amazing. This one should be great too.

You can't fathom how much I hate you/want to be you right now...

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Afro Samurai soundtracks. Have to resist chanting "Afro...Samurai, you gotta be da no. 1 samurai...Afro...etc" when I'm wondering around ASDA getting my shopping later.

That's a great soundtrack.

It sure is, although I'm not certain of its walking around listening value. Its great on screen, RZA is a genius for that stuff, its got a limited no. of tracks that are great in their own right. Resurrection is a bit better in that regard.

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Neil Young - Sleeps with Angels

Saw it on the tube

Bought it on the phone

Now you're home alone

It's a piece of crap


Can you believe that was a big single in Canada? The greatest music video ever.

I went to the store

They gave me four more

The guy told me at the door it's a piece of crap


My mom, a huge Neil Young fan, despises that song. My dad and I absolutely love it.

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