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Lots of 90s music lately. Though I couldn't tell you why since most of it depresses the hell out of me.

Live - Lightning Crashes

Live is a truly awesome band!!!!!! I've been trying since 2000 when I first found out about them to see them in concert but everytime I look for tix their always overseas.

As far as 90's music hmmm I've got on my shuffled playlist

Eve 6- Inside Out

Collective Soul- The World I Know

Days Of The New- Touch, Peel and Stand

there's probably more but don't feel like looking for them to list.

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Deftones - Simple Man

Wait. That is NOT a Skynrd cover is it? If it is I must hear it.

I dunno about that des but I know Shinedown did a cover of the same song so it could be....

I'm on a Live kick right now listening to They Stood Up For Love

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starting off my Library Favs Playlist with:

After All- Saving Abel

The Baywatch theme oh damn

This Love- Maroon 5

those are the first three songs lol shuffle has strange ideas

Old Enough- Nickelback

Life's Rich Tapestry- Modern English

Fly- Lenny Kravitz

as I said before shuffling is weird :D

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more shuffling within the Library Favs List first up is:

Leave The Memories Alone- Fuel...... lemme just say I normally hate it when bands change lead singers because it changes the entire dynamic of the band. You can change up everyone else but the established lead singer and I wouldn't care, but change the lead singer and it will never be the same band again. I first heard this track when it was played at Ric Flair's Fairwell Address and it's pretty good for it not being Fuel's orihinal lead singer.

Here Without You- 3 Doors Down

Intergalactic- The Beastie Boys

What She Likes- Evan & Jarron...... don't ask :D

The World I Know- Collective Soul

wow what strange differences those songs are from each other.

I think that's it for now.

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