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I'm listening to the Loveline episode from a couple years back with Mike Patton and Rahzel. Fucking hilarious.

Asking a kid who had a skateboard accident what his injured balls look like with the sound effects of the pain of balls from Rahzel.

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Put together an awesome acoustical playlist on my ipod with Lisa Loeb, Manic Street Preachers/James Dean Bradfield, Muse, Ash, Idlewild, Radiohead, Bluetones, Billy Idol, Skunk Anansie and Sting. Its about 26 tracks of awesome low-key renditions of existing great songs.

Plus I just got Black Market Music by Placebo and Siamese Dream by Smashing Pumpkins.

My brother's big thing is music, it is to him what TV, films and comics combined are to me. He goes to tonnes of concerts, goes to Glastonbury every year and hunts down rare copies of works by bands that I've never heard of, he bought an £800 sound system with huge gold-plated cables and a turntable for his Vinyl collection. Its really is his thing, and I'll admit he's got better taste than me, slapdash and ill-advised as my music collection is (Limp Bizkit taunts me from my self). That being said, when we started discussing perfect albums (I mentioned Prodigy's Fat of the Land) I seemed to own almost every great piece he mentioned, including stuff by Mogwai, Led Zepplin, Portishead and Ash. I was honestly surprised that my CD collection which is something like 1/5th of his seemed to contain both all his favourite albums AND still have room for Avril Lavigne's Under My Skin and a recent Lily Allen kick.

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just finished the latest Atmosphere album, "When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint that Shit Gold."

Still the best hip hop act going right now. But a lot of it is that current slow jam club shit that gets a little annoying. Almost the entire album. But the later tracks start using guitar and real drum kitsd again so that's nice.

The reason Atmosphere is so fucking good is because he only writes songs when he sees or feels something worth writing a song about. Something 99% of rappers have no fucking clue about.

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Currently listening to Doolittle quite a lot as the Pixies are playing a series of shows over here to celebrate its 20th anniversary. As I won't be anywhere near any of these shows (and the small matter of them all being sold out), listening back to their best album repeatedly is a nice consolation given that I have seen them play live since they reformed.

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Listening to Patton Oswalt's new album "My Weakness is Strong." Not as good as Werewolves and Lollipops but while talking about the young, good-looking hotshot black president and the grizzled veteran elderly white VP watching him, America is set for eight years of a buddy cop movie.

Biden: Barack! Get your ass into my office! Did you balance the budget again?!

Obama: It was just sitting there...

Biden: But you destroyed 20 cars!

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I have no idea why it took me this long to get into Korpiklaani. It's like Flogging Molly meets metal meets Nordic awesome. It makes me want to charge a fort with a hammer and shield for massive amounts of raping and pillaging.

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