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I've never really understood why Nirvana gets so much hate. I mean yeah, they were overplayed and outclassed by other bands within the same genre, but I don't think they were bad.

I get this.

At a base level, really, why should anyone hate on any kind of music.

In this case (and in many cases), I don't think the hate is the's the fans.

I mean, for fuck sake, people make pilgrimages to Seattle to go sit and cry about it near the house where he died. Still.

If that's not a deep, deep well of weird/annoying/get a life/enough to make any mention of a mediocre band worth pulling your hair out over, well, then, I don't know what it is.

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Most recently, I picked up:

Beatles - Revolver

Non-burnt copies of Green Day - Dookie & White Stripes - Elephant

Madness & Radiohead compilations

Muse - H.A.A.R.P. (their live album from a couple of years ago)

Kasabian - West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum

Julian Cope/Teardrop Explodes - Floored Genius

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Listening back through Metallica's discography as of late and I'm struck by how poor of an album Kill 'Em All is. Even for speed metal, Anthrax and Exodus had them beat all the way in this period.

Especially considering how accomplished an album Ride the Lightning. I think the first two minutes of For Whom the Bell Tolls is pretty much as good as heavy metal instrumentalization gets.

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