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Right now: NIN Ghosts I.

It's a free 9 track download of new instrumental NIN music but it's only the first of four volumes. You can go here and download the first nine for free and even buy all 36 for 5$! I'm not even the biggest fan of the first volume but I'm buying anyway because this is the future of the music industry.

If the link is cranky, they're having a lot of bandwidth issues so you can get the first volume off bittorrent. That is where I was redirected from the site anyway when I dl'd it. Check it out and if you have even a passing interest in the tunes, SUPPORT THIS! Or you have no right to bitch about the music industry anymore.

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Yeah, I just grabbed that a few days ago. I like the concept, although NIN's music hasn't really been the same since The Fragile. With Teeth and Year Zero were OK... just OK.

Agreed, With Teeth being far better than Year Zero IMO. I've only wanted to listen to Year Zero once. With Teeth has an 80s synth pop vibe that is fun.

Fragile was his Magnum Opus.

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Been listening to a lot of Eyeshine and Tragically Hip recently, two very different bands but they both rule.

From the Hip I just for the first time heard the killerwhaletank remix of New Orleans is Sinking and it is freaking hilarious.

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Rammstein - Mutter

A freakin GREAT album even with the harmony lifted from Unforgiven it is brilliant.

I'm listening to Turbonegro's "Party Animals" album.

Listened to a lot of Hella, John Zorn and The Locust over the past few days and need some straight ahead kickass rock and roll to clear my head.

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