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I'm pleased to announce an add-on for both Firefox and Internet Explorer users: the toolbar!

Features include:

- A resizable Google search engine. (Note: The first few results are sponsored results / ads.)

- An RSS reader, linking to the two RSS feeds.

- A direct link to the forums.

- An expandable menu with links to the various archives.

- A message center, which will be used to send you news related to

- An e-mail notifier, which can be used with Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail and POP3.

- A radio / podcast player, preloaded with recent episode of Dread Media, The Show and World's Finest Podcast. You can also add your favorite streaming radio stations, or other podcasts if you'd like. (Note: It doesn't look like you can fast forward or rewind using said player.)

- Other features -- such as links to MS Word, Excel and Media Player, as well as weather forecasters -- can be added by you. (To do so, click the arrow next to the e-mail notifier, then Settings and then Toolbar Options. Selecting the various tabs will provide you with the options to add new components.)


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