Mortal Kombat reboot

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The status of the film, as of today, is that "...the Producers are working out their deals with the studio and arranging their financing", says the director.

mink says the project isn't so much a sequel as it is a "re-envisioning (if that is a word) of the Mortal Kombat franchise from top to bottom. Todays audience is a savvy involved group so the film must be A plus plus in every area in order to capture the magic of the first film. It is taking the entire concept to the next level across the board in every area visual design, story, cast, FX, photography and most importantly the fighting scenes. The original Mortal Kombat game was born a child of many visual loves by the creators at midway so this latest version borrows heavily from that pioneering spirit and must be thought out and executed at the highest level in order for it succeed in today's market place. This is no overnight task."

Though the IMDB has Christopher Lambert returning as Rayden, mink says casting hasn't begun yet.

"First things first, is the way these larger projects need to be done. It is still in the business stages but once that is squared away all casting options will be explored along with the continued development of the best story line."

The last we heard the film was supposed to be shot in Louisiana.

"At one point Louisiana was on the table for various reasons. It still maybe in the future if that is appropriate place to work for the picture".

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I'm actually interested in this project. The original Mortal Kombat film was decent, but the sequel was an abomination. I hope they take great considerations on what characters to use and how to use them.

There are plans to remake Street Fighter as well, so far the only possible casting done is Kristen Kreuk as Chun-Li.

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Id much prefer a Mortal Kombat film over Street Fighter any day though, as long as its done right similar to the first film

True, now while there were a few problems with the original MK film, it was still pulled off well and had a killer Techno soundtrack.

The only thing Street Fighter had going for it was Raul Julia and sadly that was his last movie.

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From a storyline standpoint, Street Fighter absolutely blows Mortal Kombat out of the water, (Mortal Kombat used to be good until they fucked it up so badly) so it boggles my mind as to how they were able to do the original Street Fighter so wrong and Mortal Kombat 1 so right.

Either way, I have zero faith for either of the new ones. They've never been able to get SF completely right, even in anime form and MK is a dead franchise that most no one gives a shit about anymore.

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