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Anyone here own and iphone (or even iPod touch)?

I want to get one of the new iPhones, but one app I really want on it is a budget/personal expense program. I've seen some but they seem to link to a website, which I don't understand. Why can't I have a stand along app that works on the device? I just want to hit the 'app' button, then hit the 'category' for the cost (food, travel, fuel, entertainment, etc), then have the numeric keypad pop up and I punch in the amount and hit save. Why do they all seem to have some excel type interface or login and crap.

That being said, some of the other applications look pretty cool.

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Guest DCAUFan1051

I got the now iPhone Classic about 6 months after the iPhone's initial release I was tired of having to do the following steps to get music on my samsung sync:

#1 Burn music from iTunes to a CD

#2 rip CD into windows media player

#3 try and sync with the samsung sync

this three step process took me about 4 hours each time I wanted to change the music on my cell phone because of the fact that the music software that came with it was the wrong damn software and the artist, album name, or even the song wouldn't appear right in the phone. :grumble: :grumble: :grumble:

so after the very first price cut of iPhone I went and got it and have it to this day. I really want the 3G though!!!!!

Things I like about the iPhone:

- the screen is freakin awesome

- the album art looks fraggin cool (channeling Lobo lol)

- the video is out of this world awesome as I've said to Mike & James in emails and listed on here under another topic I have been getting alot of DCAU shows to watch on the iPhone!!

- iPhone has THE BEST version of Tetris I've ever seen. I play that game 1,000 more times then I ever did on my Gameboy and I loved the GameBoy version.

- The Photos look great

- The Apps are very cool I just found a voicedial app the other day. The Twitter app is cool too

my problems with the iPhone Classic:

- I recently had to restore my iPhone because any song I played it wasn't the right album art grrrrrrrrrrr :grumble: I could be listening to nickelback and Dexy's Midnight Runners would show up as the artwork. I could be listening to WFP and Papa roach would show up as the artwork WTF.

- Since restoration everything's back to normal


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I ordered a T-mobile G1, otherwise known as the Google phone. It's supposed to get here Tuesday. I can't wait to test out Android.

I currently own a samsung sync but come mothers day Im switching to tmobile. ATT sucks. I dont know wich phone I will get, But I really want a crack berry... errr black berry.

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My phone contract is running out and I was able to switch to come July 1st, a ten pound a month thirty day contract which I can cancel at any time with 30 days cancelling time.

I get 200 minutes and texts for that, which is what I use now, but pay double that, I'm going to try this for a few months and then if it doesn't work out go for pay as you go.

I have the samsung phone that everyone has and I can't remember the name of it, it's the one that flips and has been out for about two years.

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I don't have a cell phone.

Yeah. People look at me like I'm an alien or something.

I only own one for work. I have never text messaged. I think it's retarded.

You wouldn't think that if you have a boss that just wants to talk about nothing on the phone all the time. Text messages get the point across without me having to lie about having something to do right then to get off the phone.

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Don't see why texting should be seen as something to mock or avoid, its just a way of transmitting information, the only downside is the lamentable spelling and grammer that render some people's messages near indecipherable. As a way of communicating saying texts are retarded is about as valid as saying you don't use emails because you prefer your post in paper form. It makes no sense. It's like rejecting technology about 15 years too late.

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I used to be of the same mind about cell phones. I only got one to begin with because I'm not always home so I needed someway more reliable than a land line to contact me. It was just that until I got my Blackberry. It's a reliable browser (which I'm using to post) and the keyboard means that text talk is even more stupid since you have no need for abreviations when you can just type the word out.

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