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Bumping this thread, as I couldn't find a GOW 3 thread, so if possible, this'll just count as that, as the game coming out Tuesday the 20th of September here in the UK.

The game is usually alright to just good in single player, but the multiplayer online is usually really fun for these games, so I'm looking forward to that, and some of the new modes I've seen on Youtube look really fun. Such as Horde mode:

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So, I've just finished the game, and it's a lot better than the second game, but still not as good as the first one, and like the other two, the final boss is a bit underwhelming.

The main campaign lasts about 8-9 hours and is pretty fun, the game is dull for the first twenty minutes, but after that it gets pretty damn fun.

If you're not going to play any of the online or multiplayer modes, I'd say just rent the game, as although it's fun, it's still pretty easy to beat, and won't last you very long.

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