Solid Snake VS. S.D. "Snake" Plissken

James D.

Which gunfighter will win?  

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Battle of the Gunfighter Operatives!!!

Place: Post-apocalyptic downtown Tokyo


--The city is in ruins after years of world war. Snake Plissken and Solid Snake are each sent by different factions of the U.S. government to retrieve information from the highly technological computer databases hidden underground what is left of Tokyo. The problem is, one branch of the government sends Solid and another sends Plissken unbeknownst to each branch or to the two men. Plissken has been injected with another neural destroyer virus and is forced into this mission. For Solid Snake, it's just another one-man mission. The two men, mistaking each other for gang members in Tokyo meet in the war-torn streets of Tokyo and must duel it out with highly-powered firearms and continue on.

--Ammo is aplenty. It is lying around everywhere due to gang warfare. Guns are readily available, too, so ammo will not be a problem for either man. Both are cold and will stop at nothing to make sure their objective is accomplished. Who wins this battle to the death?

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I'd have to vote for Solid Snake. It just feels right. He destroyed Metal Gear like 4 times, and then fought a fleet of Metal Gear Rays, single handedly. (Except for the help from Grey Fox in the original MGS, I know.) He is the ultimate action hero. Not Plissken.

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