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Sandman looked awsome. Well, everything looked awsome actually.

edit: I just watched frame by frame(yes I'm a geek), and it looks even better.


One scene is him trying to get rid of the black suit in the bell tower. I'm glad they are keepin it's weakness to noise in the movie.

For some reason Harry is on the glider, but doesn't have the suit on. He is wearing a bandana.

Peter and MJ must be getting married because a ring shows up in 2 scenes.

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Ok, so this is a rumors thread so take these as rumors.

****Possible Spoilers****

Supposedly the last villian is Mysterio, played by Bruce Campell, and he only makes a cameo. Harry and Aunt May both die, and The Black Cat was written in the script, but changed to Gwen Stacy to replace Mary Jane since Dunst isn't coming back.

taken from filmick.blogspot.com

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Spider-Man 3 Plot Secret

Ut-oh! Spoilers! Some new pictures have surfaced from the shooting of Spider-Man 3, revealing what may be a crucial plot point from the new film. So if you want to know the scoop, click the link below. If not, move back to the safety net of your mother's arms, wuss.

In the new pictures, Thomas Hayden Church is shown in a scene with Cliff Robertson and Michael Papajohn (Uncle Ben and his killer, respectively). Rumor is, it turns out that Church's character, Flint Marko/Sandman, ends up being the one who actually killed Uncle Ben.


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For anyone who has seen the trailers, man I love the visuals of the symbiote creeping up along the body of Peter Parker. Wow, visually they are definatly doing Venom justice. (Although I would have liked to see the normal vision of the Black Spidey suit)

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I'm not a Spider-man fan and haven't been since Erik Larsen was drawing him (long time ago) as I've told Michael before. But after the movies (which I believe to be the only comic book superhero movies that have worked on a visual and story level)* and Civil War #2 I'm beginning to rethink my position.

*Batman Begins is a far better movie than any of the Spidey films but not a better comic book movie if that makes sense.

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Speaking of getting a clear version. Here is a hi res shot of Harry from the first trailer. He said at Comic Con that he is not the Green Goblin 2, or the Hobgoblin, and that he is something else.


I just noticed his bandana is covering his eyes. Do you think that is a mistake from the animators, or is it really a mask with some kind of eye holes?

edit: I just zoomed in and you can see that it is a two piece mask. A pair of green goggles with a darker green faceplate.

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