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I thought the movie was ok. Not a complete waste of time, but the weakest of the trilogy I think.

I don't understand the hate for Dunst, though. Neither her or Peter were supposed to be sympathetic, like, at all. They both fucked up their relationship. She's not some fantastic actress or anything but she's serviceable and it's not like she was uber-awesome in the first two.

The dance scene in the streets was kind of funny, maybe unnecessary but not out of place. After all, Connors had said earlier that the symbiote amplified the traits of the host, and Peter is incredibly nerdy.

Venom...sigh. I don't mind them changing Eddie Brock, but he really didn't get enough character development to make me think he wanted to pray for Peter's death. Maybe if they had a couple of scenes where Eddie was trying to prove himself to his father (like, introducing him to Gwen, showing his pictures in the Bugle) and then maybe getting thrown out after he lost his job. Venom didn't suck, I just didn't care.

Harry. Man, it was going so well. I wish, that just maybe, he would have figured out the father thing on his own. Or, at the very least had rejected his father of his own volition, regardless of whether or not he forgave Peter.

Sandman was actually really good. I even liked the ending.

Gwen Stacy, used kind of as a prop. She or Mary Jane better eat it at Kasady's hands if they continue this thing. (On a side note, when Gwen and Peter first sit down in the Jazz restaurant, is that Willem Dafoe behind them? I thought it looked like him, but when they cut back to that camera shot, it was like a couple.)

JJJ and Miss Brant saved the movie. And the little girl with the camera.

Not a classic by any means, but I was smiling at the end. That's probably the biggest compliment I can pay the film.

EDIT: I just saw this:

If I have to hear Aunt May deliver another speech to Peter that makes more sense if she knows he's Spidey again I'll jump in front of a logging truck.
Do you honestly think she doesn't know? Hell, she should have known from day one when his room was covered in Spiderwebs. Aunt May knows. She also knows he can't tell her.
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And the little girl with the camera.

Her, and the two boys cheering on the fight at the end all have the last name Raimi, so expect to see them a lot in the future Spider-man movies.

When they showed those kids going "WHOHHAAHHH AWESOMMMMEE YESSS" I turned to Autumn and said "That's exactly what the writers were saying when they came up with this scene."

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I finally caught this on Saturday and whilst I won't go into it too much here, as I have a podcast to contribute to, I liked it. Not LOVED it like I did 1 or 2 but I would gladly see it again many times. Essentially it was a film that tried to do too much, taking two potential great movies and compressing them into one lesser film, compromising certain things to the horror of actual comic readers (of which I'm not).

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Finally saw this and some quick thoughts.

I thought as a movie for entertainment purposes it was really good. As a movie to tell stories and develop characters, it was about average. Oh look the bad guy has a sick kid, I have to feel sympathy for him. Oh look, I'm a professional photographer and some guy ratted me out for doctoring a photo, I want to kill him now. Some old guy tells me what my best friend has always been telling me, now I'm a good guy.

There were some good moments, I actually liked Harry helping out, but it would have been better if he wasn't killed and only helped for MJ. Speaking of which, I think this movie has turned me against Kirsten Dunst. It really seemed like she phoned in her performance. Top 3 performances in the movie

1. Harry. Reminded me of Jessica/Nicky from Heroes, really good dual personality performance.

2. JJ. I know it's comical but it was really good.

3. Tie between Sandman and Venom. I'll go with Eddie Brock, just because it showed Topher in another level.

But I agree that line in the movie where Brock asks God to kill someone for him, was AWESOME.

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