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This is posted with permission. He is seeking good game recommendations! Help him out guys! (the stuff I said is in bold, don't laugh at the Zombie At My Neighbors thing)

AMLogan216 (11:51:15 PM): Hey, could you suggest any Super Nintendo games that are must play? I just got a killer emulator, but I need games.

StipeforPrez (11:51:23 PM): Yes

StipeforPrez (11:51:29 PM): Super Mario RPG

StipeforPrez (11:51:33 PM): SeaQuest DSV

StipeforPrez (11:51:40 PM): Super Mario World

StipeforPrez (11:51:45 PM): Harvest Moon!!!!

StipeforPrez (11:52:01 PM): Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

AMLogan216 (11:52:36 PM): Thanks. I'll look for those on EdgeEmu.

StipeforPrez (11:52:44 PM): oh!

StipeforPrez (11:52:49 PM): TMNT IV: Turtles in Time

StipeforPrez (11:53:40 PM): I was a big fan of the Roadrunner game, but I'll have to see what the title was

AMLogan216 (11:53:49 PM): Thanks again. I never had a SNES, I went with the genesis. This is new and exciting to me.

StipeforPrez (11:54:35 PM): Road Runner's Death Valley Ralley

StipeforPrez (11:54:37 PM): *Rally

StipeforPrez (11:54:43 PM): Dude, SNES owns

StipeforPrez (11:54:48 PM): the only thing greater is NES

StipeforPrez (11:55:03 PM): Oh! If you like RPGs, get Secret of Mana

StipeforPrez (11:55:25 PM): everyone loves Starfox as well

StipeforPrez (11:55:36 PM): (can't you tell I was an snes fan)

AMLogan216 (11:55:50 PM): I just downloaded FFV (just a little)

StipeforPrez (11:56:29 PM): I liked Zombies Ate My Neighbors, but don't tell anyone that ;-)

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Super Mario World, of course.

Mega Man X

Prince of Persia

Spider-Man/X-Men: Arcade's Revenge

Super Mario All-Stars

Super Star Wars

Super Empire Strikes Back

Super Return of the Jedi

Street Fighter II

I'm sure I've left off dozens.

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Don't waste your time with Final Fantasy V. Worst title of the lot.

FFIV and FFVI, though, are solid. And I loved Zombies Ate my Neighbors, too. :)

Super Metroid is godly.


I kinda like V. I'm getting IV and VI after I get rid of Lufia and Lufia 2.

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Guest Kevbo
Claymates; one of the most underrated games ever IMO.

Was that the fighting game done in claymation?

No, that was Clayfighter (which I don't like). Claymates is a side-scroller done in claymation where you are a clayball and you can find different coloured balls to turn into a different animal. Sounds ridiculous, I know, but it is extremely fun and difficult.

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Super International Cricket. I've wasted days of my life playing that game.

I've no effing idea how to play this game. Someone care to explain how to get started?

There is a pretty good FAQ over at gamefaqs. If I had my old computer together I'd get some of my old records out for you.

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