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Earlier today, I was in a situation in which I was forced to be social with the two kids (aged twelve and sixteen) of one of my dad's former co-workers.

Initially, I had the usual "ugh; why do I have to talk to these kids" attitude, but then the twelve-year old (a girl, no less) casually made a reference to Madelyne Pryor.

Yeah, that's kind of awesome.

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So, I am at work Sunday night. It is about 8PM and not really all that busy. Then I get a phone call. And they say:

"Do you want play a game?"

and hang up. Not only did I get that call, all the phone lines got the same call at the same time. Then people start to smell things burning.

Cops get called and they find some kids setting the sales flier on fire in the bathroom.

Huge lucky break that power had been turned of in the bathroom due to remodeling.

Did I mention I hate Saw?

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