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Right now I'm on a three-way Skype chat with Niki and her buddy Mason, and all of a sudden Niki just yelled to Tim, "What are you doing with your penis?!"

Yep, my husband is easily amused. Penis + elastic waistband of underwear = entertainment.

There's a part of me very interested in what he was doing then I realize most of the board probably doesn't want to know.

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Student work on a question about a Sherlock Holmes story, "The Adventure of the Speckled Band" where the question says:

3. What is the nature of Holmes and Watson's relationship?

His answer? Behold:

"Holmes and Watson are friends. They work together and wherever one goes, the other goes. It's almost like they are married. But they ARE NOT MARRIED. The nature of the relationship is work-related. They are NOT GAY. It is a work related relationship."

Talk about repressed teenage boy writing!

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Just now I was outside finishing my smoke break with a friend, when a guy walked up and asked if I had an extra cigarette. I lied and said no.

He then turned away but quickly turned back, got in my face, and asked, "You like pussy?"

"... yeah."

After hearing that, he eyed up my friend (a woman) and said, "Yeaaah." He faced me again -- and mind you he's like three inches from me -- and continued, "Good. It's good to be out with that, 'cause no one like dick! Not even women. Who wants dick? Well... some women, but not even them. Good. Good."

And that was it.


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