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While on vacation, one of my friends is running a D&D game. While we're playing tonight, Matt's Older Brother just starts talking about Smurfette getting gang banged by the Smurfs. I start pointing out that Smurfs are inherently sexless, the Donnie Darko argument and that Gargamel can't make more. This leads into something about Gargamel's brother making a handicapped Smurfette for Papa Smurf to fuck. That leaves us speechless and then he comes back with more Smurf conspiracies. I might add the man is 39.

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And now he's talking about a stinky bucket of fish from his most recent fishing expedition. Stinking up the neighborhood. Then then smells his hands and checks to see if they smell like dead fish as well. This brings up a response of just like when he was dating his old girlfriend.

Then he looks at his new iPod and starts pontificating on how they put so many songs onto such a little box. It's mainly gospel, something I know from having the program the thing earlier today.

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In game, we find a guy with his eyes burnt out. We make a joke about the Ark of the Covenant. This brings a drunken comment about the Holiest of Holys, more than a movie, and then Monty Python. Thankfully, he caught the hint when I started mentioning how if he's leaving at 4 in the morning to go fishing, he should probably go to bed now... except now pants serving their purpose and how he wishes the world could do it just the same. Now we're too smart for our own good.

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