Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

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Holy shit! I just saw this film for the first time, and it creeped the Hell out of me. I'm gonna go hide under the covers now.

One more thing, am I the only to think that the black market TV salesman is the inspiration for The Comic Book Guy? He has the exact look and attitude. How sick would that be...?

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Hell yes! I fucking love Henry.

Back in middle school a friend and I rented it and we couldn't get through, it creeped us out too much. Then about a year ago I bought the DVD due to all this good stuff I'd heard about it. I ended up watching it twice that weekend. Sick, sick movie. Love it to death. Favorite horror movie ever.

Anyone seen the sequel? I've heard it really, really sucks ass.

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I think what makes Henry so good is how real it is. Yes, I know it's based off a true story, but I mean how Henry could be anybody. He's not a burnt-to-death-demon-possessed nightmare killer or a hockey-mask-wearing dead child; he's a real guy that could be your neighbor or coworker.

Jenny was so creeped out by this film that 01. she wanted to take it back to the video store right away (so the box wasn't in the house), and 02. refuses to let me purchase the DVD. And I have to agree with her when she calls it "depraved" and "void of all morality." (Which is why I love it.)

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