Episode 26


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Lois Lane visits an alternate reality, one where her death caused the rise of a dark empire ("Brave New Metropolis"). Once home, she's greeted by a long-lost friend of the monkey variety ("Monkey Fun"). After that, Brainiac returns ("Ghost in the Machine"), and Superman finally meets Darkseid ("Father's Day"). [ 1:54:53 || 52.5 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.worldsfinestpodcast.com/episodes/wfp_026.mp3

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About the email concerning Jar-El's character model and it not being that important as he is only in it for around 2 minutes, the guy is in EVERY episode for the title sequence so it is fairly important.

And also during A Brave New Metropolis when you guys were talking about Clark not knowing about kids being taken away from their parents, what made me go what!! was that he also has super hearing so he should of heard people complaining on the streets as well. Even if he couldnt see things behind certain walls or buildings he still should of heard people talking about it

Good show though guys

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Hey guys, sorry for the late response. I'm at my mother's for the week for my niece's birthday(April 9th)and mine(April 14th). But I am listening now and loving the podcast. I'm also watching Smallville tonight,(Lionel is dead, wow) so two things at once, yay me.

You got a point about the Saw films, I never thought about it in the way you put it, but having them recap the clues at the end is a bit of an insult. But the Charles Clouser(I believe that's how its pronounced)score is excellent. The Saw films have begun to wear out their welcome. Thank you for the smack to the face, but out of curiosity I'll watch Saw V and VI, when they come out.

Brave New Metropolis Love this episode, ever great comic book adapted cartoon series needs an alternate universe or time travel episode and this is great. Right off the bat we get a story which begins interesting and really doesn't let up. The storyline here is similar to the Lois and Clark episode in which Lois ends up in a Tempest run alternate universe, where Lana is engaged to Clark and he hasn't become Superman. The animation for this episode is okay, we get a bit of the night time feel of The New Batman Adventures(since it takes place at night). We also get a preview of the two part series finale of Superman: TAS, with how Superman would rebel, without the elements that keep him calm. You have to remember that Bruce Wayne is seen as a pretty boy billionaire, Superman wouldn't care for a person who is just lucky to be rich. After the last set of episodes, this is a nice change of pace. 6 out of 10.

Monkey Fun not the best episode being reviewed. I don't know, these type of episodes aren't so interesting to me. We do get to see Lucy in her only appearance. The episode itself feels very drawn out at times. I felt the same way I felt when I watched Prometheon, even though this episode is better. I do kind of get the feeling that the writers, producers and animators all watched Honey I Blew Up Kid, before writing this episode. That is basically a bad sequel and this isn't a good episode. I have nothing really more to say. 3 out of 10.

Ghost in the Machine Any Brainiac episode in the DCAU and Smallville shows are great. I can't wait until we get a Brainiac in the films. This episode is great on its own, but I love how important this episode is to a future storyline in Justice League: Unlimited. We also get to see the original Mad Scientist Luthor(from the Golden Age), not just the Billionaire that was created in 1986. I don't have much to say about this episode beyond, EXCELLENT. I like how we get Mercy and Superman having to put aside their differences to try and save Lex Luthor. We also get a bit of a backstory on Mercy, which helps to better understand her. I must give this a 10 out of 10. No flaws as I can see.

Father's Day here we go, we had a great cameo in the past episode that teased us of Darkseid and here we get our dose to last us for future episodes. We get the premiere episode of Kalibak's character. Michael Ironside is a god when it comes to villains. If they ever bring the character of Darkseid into the films and its in the style of Darth Vadar(actor in suit, but different voice), they need to cast Ironside as the voice. I like the story we get here, Kalibak is doing what he does for his father, like many people in real life all we want to do is make our father's proud. I think its a big coincedence that its Father's Day, instead of a random day. Just incredible and nothing more. This isn't the best Darkseid episode, but very important in the DCAU continuity. 9 out of 10.

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Well, no surprise with how much I yap, but looks like I've been upgraded from "The New Guy" to "Junior Member". Maybe I can make it to "Mouseketeer" soon.

Brave New Metropolis

I suppose you could argue that in "Brave New Metropolis", since we're dealing with alternate universes, Lois may have skipped over a whole sheaf of universes in which Superman got over it, Superman married Lana, went to Wayne for help, gave up and started renting himself out for children's parties, was a normal guy working in the cubicle next to Boston Dan, etc., before we got to one where he started working with Luthor. (Of course, you can argue just about any combination you like in an alternate universe story, which is why they can get old fast). As to his inability to realize what was going on, it may be that he is different from "our" Superman; may also just be that the tendency to only see what you want to see is a Kryptonian as well as human trait (actually, Last Son Of Krypton, Part 1 pretty well showed that Kryptonians can see only what they want to see as well as us). Plus, it was established later in continuity that "for a guy with, like, fifty kinds of vision, [he is] so blind."

Mike, that was a great point about the look of the city. I think the production team immediately shifted into Gotham City mode. The best match probably would have been in "Savage Time, Part 1" when the JL landed in the shining, futuristic city (before they went back in time) that was covered in banners of Vandal Savage and were immediately accosted by stormtroopers. That's what "Brave New Metropolis" should have looked like.

Anyone read an Elseworlds tale called "Speeding Bullets"? Given Timm & Co's penchant for "Superman Gone Too Far" stories (this is what? the first of 4? 5? Brave New Metropolis, Legacy, A Better World, the unproduced JL Earth-2 story, and Superman: Doomsday), I could see them trying to do that as a DC Animated Film. The rocket is found by Thomas and Martha Wayne. Young Bruce's survivor's guilt is heightened by the fact that a) Joe Chill shot him and the bullets bounced off, and b) he instinctively killed Chill with heat vision. Fast forward to the "present". Bruce Wayne (Kal El) has been sitting around brooding for the last 12 years. No training, so no self discipline. He starts off as Batman, with all of Superman's power, all of Batman's rage, none of Superman's moral compass, and none of Batman's self-discipline or self-control. Sounds like something that would be right up Bruce Timm's alley.

Monkey Fun

So...granted that the iTunes store wasn't around, but is there really a reason they couldn't have calmed Titano with some other recording of "Pop Goes The Weasel"? Ah, well, at least they decided to forego giving him Kryptonite vision, like in the comics. Although they could have had Jimmy turn into Turtle Boy and try to take him down...

Incidentally, the bacteria weren't the cause of Titano's growth - they were affected by the same gas that made Titano grow. They were just normal bacteria that grew. As to how the gas caused things to grow...well, it was space gas, after all. Maybe that was a Silver Age homage.

Anyone else raise an eyebrow at Lois commenting that she had a small apartment when she was protesting taking Titano home? Seems pretty spacious to me.

Ghost In The Machine

Great characterization of Clark, Mercy, Lex, and both Luthor and Brainiac as believable villains - screw continuity significance, this is a great episode by itself. Incidentally, I hold that Mercy was whispering instruction on how to operate the Sky Sentry and Superman heard her with super-hearing.

One moronic thing that I rechecked - Lex really did fire Sidewinder missiles at his building. Maybe the problem wasn't Brainiac. Maybe the problem is that he's using a magnetic gun to defend a ground-based target against an AIR TO AIR HEAT-SEEKING MISSILE! It tracks jet exhaust! It does not lock onto a freaking building! My military experience consists of reading Tom Clancy books and I know this! I suppose as President, Luthor's first act would be to relocate COMSUBPAC (Commander, Submarine Forces, Pacific Fleet) from Pearl Harbor to Topeka, Kansas. Or maybe Phoenix.

Father's Day

Considering that Darkseid didn't appear much in this episode, someone who has never heard of him could watch this episode and know exactly who he is and what he's about. Between the writing and delivery, he was on in this episode.

Incidentally, Rene Auberjonois returns - yes, returns - as DeSaad. I'm not sure, but I think he's the only actor to play the same role in the DCAU and in Superfriends. (If you're curious, Frank Welker did both Darkseid and Kalibak in Superfriends: Galactic Guardians, the last Superfriends show). I actually like Michael Dorn's rougher voice here - he nails that brutish thug, while at the same time making him sound very dangerous precisely because he is a brutish thug.

In Pa Kent's defense, if Martha hadn't said "Clark, look out!", I don't think Lois or any of us would have batted an eye at him saying "Neither do I" in response to seeing Superman fly away.

James mentioned that Darkseid and the Joker should both inspire abject terror in anyone who sees them. The team did nail that at the beginning of Joker's Favor, when Joker was following Charlie. Oh, and there have been a couple of comments about where Central City is - as of now, Central City is in Missouri, and it's sister city, Keystone (home of Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash) is in Kansas, making them parallel to Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas (at least in the comics - never addressed in "Brave & The Bold" or "Flash & Substance").

heeeee...world's finest, master....heeee.


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Pre-Episode Banter

That was short


I also can't wait for 'Return of the Joker'.

I find it really really weird that you guys have never met face-to-face. Really weird.


Brave New Metropolis- Great episode. Some rough animation and some mediocre dialogue, but overall it's really well-written.

Yeah, I agree about the animation. I really don't get where Timm and Co. are coming from.

I think he went to Luthor because Luthor, unlike anyone else, has control over Metropolis.

Those additions to his eyes were excellent in the way that they are such a small change but make a big impact.

Yeah, I also like that the Justice Lords Superman has its roots in this episode.

Okay, I had never thought of the idea that Superman and Luthor had taken over the country, but your points make a whole lot of sense.

This is a really long review guys.

Monkey Fun- Bad. That’s all I’ll say.

Bah, ‘The Prometheon’ is much better, given that it had good animation, not as many bad jokes, and it’s not the same thing over and over again. And there was some nice conflict in the first one about the distrust of the military, while there was absolutely nothing in ‘Monkey Fun’.

Ghost in the Machine- Flawless. It’s one of my top five episodes of the series. Characterization, foreshadowing, and animation are all excellent. There’s not one dumbed down bit of dialogue either. Just perfect.

Yeah, I pretty much agree with everything that y’all are saying.

Father’s Day- Worst of the Darkseid arc by FAR. It’s just a really long fight scene with absolutely no substance. Darkseid’s closing appearance was the one redeeming moment.

Yeah, Lois is retarded, the Kents are retarded, and why does the rubble only happen to fall right after Superman saves Pa, even though he was fighting for a good five minutes.


Brave New Metropolis- You: 6 and 6.5 / Me: 8

Monkey Fun- You: 5 and 7 / Me: 5

Ghost in the Machine- You: 9 (come on Mike!) and 10 / Me: 10

Father’s Day- You: 7 / Me: 6

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i enjoy those episodes, monkey fun is kind of an homage to the 60s superman cartoon where superman fights a chimpanzee tha turn big from the kryptonite meteor and uraniam asteroid when they collide. and the capsule was spinning around from the shock waves. except the chimpanzee did not fire kryptonite beams from its eyes in this episode, but it is a good homage.

ghost in the machine is also good because i enjoy brainiac and also the brave new metroplis does show about superman because of the philosopher once said something about superman.

fathers days is also great because i enjoy darkseid in this series and micahel ironside is the best person to play darkseid.

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Ah, you assume James has the money to fly to Chicago, or I to Atlanta. Sadly... no. :shakehead:

Trust me, we would if we could.

this is why i should have invented that dam teleporter!

what about (i really know nothing about technology) shit, this is hard.

why not, yeah, i haven't got a clue i'm going to just....sit in the corner for a while.......and take a sandwich...........

what time is it the new episodes upload as i almost sitting about wedensdays waiting for them!

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I'll be running the "How to Survive Watching Uwe Boll Movies" panel. The room fills up VERY quickly each year, so I suggest you get there early and plan to camp in line for a while.

I realize that thisis going to be a Boll-centric panel, but will there be any room for "Death of Batman" survivors? Or should I plan on organizing a separate support group?

"Fan Films: Star Wars: Revelations: Worth Your Time. Death of Batman: Not So Much."

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