Saw 5 **SPOILERS**

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An interview with Tobin Bell revealed that the origins of Billy the puppet and his red tricycle would be further explained after having the story's roots planted in Saw IV.


See now, if this was a comic book, you'd have a three-issue story arc detailing the Secret Origin of the Tricycle Puppet.

I have it on good authority that he people who spend money to watch this crap are subsequently allowed to vote.

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She'll play Luba, a city planner...

Well, there goers any sympathy for the victim. :laugh:

The new Jigsaw is probably a property-rights activist or something.

Luba, your sign ordinance forbids banners affixed to the outside of a building, but does not apply if the banner is inside a large picture window. This negates the whole point of making the city more aesthetically pleasing. For lack of common sense, you will have to escape this deathtrap...

God, my head already hurts.

I'll probably watch it, but I have already decided that I'm not even going to try to figure out how this fits in with the rest of the series. I'll just say to myself, "Superboy Prime punched reality" and move on.

That might be the first Saw poster since the first one that I like.

He's wearing Jigsaw's face? Rip off Texas Chainsaw Massacre much?

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Ya know I saw the first one and didn't think it was half bad, but then I saw the second one and was like what the fuck, and then the third one seemed more intent on just tricking the audience than actually building a movie. And I have no interest in seeing the 4th 5th 6th 7th or 8th one. Talk about a franchise that shouldve been put down long ago.

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Dude we all know how this movie is going to end.

THe whol movie the police are going to say that they have "dectectives"" on the case, and when they are finnaly revealed, at the very end of the movie, scooby doo and the gang wil come out, bust whoever is still left, and then the guy wll get really pissed to see that it has ended. Then finalllly when everyone is gone, scooby will get a weir grin, and all you will hear is , "you will be tested". Then finally the word saaw will come on screen, an dthey will drop the aw, and then add cooby doo, and scooby will be jigsaws new aprentice.

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