Saw 5 **SPOILERS**

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I got this off

Rather than worrying about the speculation that builds every year around whether another SAW film will be released, Lionsgate recently announced that they'll be making SAW films for the foreseeable future. That's right, we'll be getting a SAW film every year until the end of time. Lionsgate realizes the popularity of the franchise isn't about to dwindle anytime soon so there's absolutely no reason to stop making them. Maybe in twenty or so years people will get a little annoyed by morality-based torture traps every Halloween but even then, it'll still make a killing on DVD. Alright, so they didn't really announce that. What they really announced was that SAW VI will be released on October 23rd of next year but at this rate, "till the end of time" isn't far off. As the box office numbers show, the franchise is really popular so they'll probably realistically go for at least three more movies. What do you guys think?

My avatar pretty much says it all.

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Okay, that doesn't actually confirm anything. We already knew that Saw 6 was coming out next October. They're literally running out of characters at this point, so I really can't see them going past that one.

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I think Tobin Bell was contracted for 5 sequels after the first film, so there was probably always going to be a Saw VI barring (and maybe in spite of) disaster. To think, this is our generation's Nightmare on Elm Street, only that Freddy Krueger rapping is at least figuratively entertaining.

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