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Guest DCAUFan1051
I find the lack of Rain love disheartening.

Rain is garbage wrapped in vomit, tied up by a ribbon of used tampon strings. I hate that fucker.

tooo funny james

I haven't been into the MK series since MK3 on SNES I liked the movies YES both of them. I think MK Vs DC is a great concept but they should have made the game bigger more charcters on both sides.

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*shrug* I guess I'm alone in being excited for this. 1Up Yours was very skeptical to begin with and they seem to have been turned around. I've enjoyed Deadly Alliance and the other past couple MK's I've played so I'll pick the game up on the cheap at some point just to play as the Joker.

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Guest DCAUFan1051

if anyone's interested in hearing Ed Boon's thoughts on MK Vs DC This Week in Geek podcast on iTunes has an interview with him.

I love the This Week in Geek Podcast outside of E-2 Podcasts it's one of my favorites.

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-Hate Scorpion's new threads.

-Love Jax's.

-Disappointed by the lack of Zombie Liu Kang and Dark Raiden

-Kano's beard sucks.

-Catwoman has a ridiculous amount of cleavage, even by MK standards.

-Why is Captain Marvel called Shazam?

-Deathstroke looks like fried gold.

-Thank GOD Luthor is in the power suit.

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Wow. That's the prettiest cover I'll ever ignore.

Preston: Cap is called Shazam because Marvel Comics owns the trademark on the name Captain Marvel. The only reason Mar-Vell was created is because Fawcett Comics went under and the trademark was up for grabs. Billy Batson can be called Captain Marvel inside a comic, but not on the cover or any merchandising.

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