Earth-2 mainpage update thread

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DJ reviewed Batman: A Death in the Family.

Upcoming items: (Because I wasn't feeling too well last night, I pushed DJ's review of A Death in the Family up one day and my review of It's a Bird... back one.)

Friday: It's a Bird... reviewed by Michael David Sims

Saturday: The Village reviewed by Michael David Sims

Sunday: JLA: Strength in Numbers reviewed by Doran Murphy

Monday: Punisher: The End by Michael David Sims

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Uh...A League of One isn't appearing on the mainpage for me.

Oops. I uploaded both at the same time, with plans to run WWIII first (which I did), then something of mine Thursday (which I did), and finally publishing A League of One today. However, I obviously screwed something up and linked y'all to LoO (instead of WWIII) before it was published. :doh:

Look for it today, around noon CT.

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