Pitfall: The Big Adventure


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You may be a sexagenarian whip-cracker, Indiana Jones, but it turns out you're not the only old-fogy adventurer making an unlikely return. Activision announced Pitfall: The Big Adventure for the Nintendo Wii on Monday, with development duties going to Edge of Reality (the developer currently working on The Incredible Hulk).

The Big Adventure will take place in the Peruvian jungle, featuring 60 levels spanning forests, caves, and glacial mountains that'll combine -- as the press release notes -- "the action of reptile dodging and vine swinging with clever puzzles." With any hope, "Reptile Dodging" will be an actual bullet-point on the back of the case. The game will also, of course, feature Wii-specific controls, but not many details were given besides vague assurances of "revolutionizing the classic franchise" with "innovative application" of the Wii's control mechanics.

"Pitfall is one of the most legendary franchises in the history of videogames, so we look forward to releasing a new version exclusively for Wii," said Activision's Dave Oxford. "What could be more fun than using the Wii Remote to swing on a vine over blood thirsty crocodiles as retro-cool Pitfall Harry?"

Developer Edge of Reality also previously worked on Pitfall: The Lost Expedition for last-gen systems in 2004. That title was decidedly meh, so let's hope the group really goes for the gold with their second crack at the franchise. Pitfall: The Big Adventure is set for release this fall.


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