Freddy or Jason?

Who's the better horror villian?  

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Who, in your mind, made a better horror villian? You can use any criteria that you want, so long as you justify it. I'll lock this thing up faster than a masochist at a bondage party for sadists.

I voted for Freddy, I'll be back later with good analysis.

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Jason. So easily.

- Doesn't need to cheat

- Doesn't need to run his mouth to scare his victims

- Beat the fuck out of Freddy in Freddy vs Jason

- Movies are better

- Didn't used to be a pussy who went after children when he was alive

- He's just fucking cooler

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- Like Yoda said, a child molester. A complete monster in life and in death.

- Kills people in their sleep, where they are most vulnerable.

- Kills people in horrifying, often degrading ways. A master of the psychological

element of horror, using the victims worst fears against them.


- A special needs kid, who drowned as a result of negligence.

- A huge, silent brute who kills by way of savage force

- His movies always rely on the other people to carry the weight of the dialog, which

oftentimes failed through the use of characters that didn't garner the sympathy

needed to make people care about their death.

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Freddy. You can put Michael Myers or any other big, silent killer in the Friday series and it doesn't change. But freddy's powers (a psychic being that feeds on the emotional energy of his victims) are much more original.

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I love them both, but Jason is my boy. I can't vote against him. Freddy talks way too much and like JCC said, he's a fucking cheater.

Never had more fun at a theater than I did seeing Freddy vs. Jason opening day. I was rooting for Jason, my friend was rooting for Freddy. It was the first showing opening day, so the place was just us. So we just kept cheering outloud and booing. It was great. Last time we got so heated over something was at Safeco for WM XIX when I was rooting for Vince and he was rooting for Hogan.

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Doesn't Jason "cheat" too? How many times do his victims see him coming? Often, he'll strike out of nowhere, kill someone, and it's over. Jason even killed that guy in a wheelchair in part 2 by surprising him with a machete shot to the face.

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