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Peter Purves and others argue that Doctor Who is too unnecessarily sexy.,96272/

Speaking of, look at what I found on Tumblr(from Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS)


I disagree with the thing of it becoming too complicated. I look at Modern Who like comic books from the 80s; if you're just in it for the fun, you can not really pay attention to the little stuff. If you just tuned in to "The Bells of St John", if you can get past the stuff with the Doctor being all weird and stalker-y with Clara, you can enjoy the adventure. The sexiness, I'm not really bothered by, since that's a generational thing.


why was the history of the time lords written in english for Clara to read. Wouldn't it be in dr who language galifreyan


The TARDIS gets into their heads and translates for them.

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The TARDIS led Clara to the library in the first place, so is it really surprising that she would be able to read the book?

Also there's been complaints that Doctor Who has been too sexy for literally decades now. It's just a generational thing. We'll probably feel the same way when he's introducing his companions to the strap on sonic screw driver in 2045.

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The director quoted in that article is, according to IMDB, 74 years old. Peter Purves is the same age, and is the same paragon of morals who had an extramarital affair with his Blue Peter co-host Valerie Singleton.

Since when did "old people not liking popular culture of the day" become newsworthy, pray tell?

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There were some truly frightening moments in this one.

Also, welcome to the forums, Frankymole!

Thank you!!! I came here as the Bigger On The Inside podcast is so fantastic. I've got up to episode 75 of the "back issues" but also been keeping up with the latest ones too. It's been a lovely couple of weeks listening, and the mention of the forums sounded so tempting I had to show up and read them too. When I finally see last Saturday's episode (I recorded it) I might even be able to contribute...!

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Loved that last episode although it was completely random, it was brilliant because of that. And besides I think Doctor Who is better for it's randomness, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship as an example

It was a filler episode but we continue to learn more about different characters and setting up for next week and the rest of the series.

I love the Satnav kid and in my head cannon Madam Vastra and Jenny have adopted him or at least taken him in because they are fed up of Strax killing horses when they get lost

Also I love the kids Clara looks after, next week looks brilliant and I'm glad they finally explained (kind of) that the Doctor is picking Jenny up each morning and dropping her off after so she can continue to look after the kids. It's been annoying me since they didn't explain why she was there at the beginning of Cold War as the last thing we saw in Ahakaten was her going back home again.

AND CYBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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