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I'm really digging this look. Like Smith's Doctor, however, I hope he updates it over time. (Assuming he stays with the program long enough to have his costume updated.)

I love that he's keeping the boots, but has modernized them to Docs. Also, that's a very Master-ish looking coat.

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Thought you guys should know that Dark Eyes 2 was released yesterday from Big Finish. It's an AMAZING story and well worth listening to, although you do need to have heard Dark Eyes 1 first.

Also today they released a new Companion Chronicle an Ian one, called the Sleeping City and it tells the story of what happens to Ian and Barbra when they return home from travelling with the Doctor.

I've recently got heavily into the Big Finish stories and I was wondering what ones you would recommend - about from Spare Parts, I've heard that one and it deserves every recommendation everyone gives it.

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The likes of Spare Parts and Chimes of Midnight are rightly often mentioned in lists of the great Big Finishes, but there are also some really solid and brilliant stories from slightly more recent times too. I'm quite behind on lots of Big Finish, but from the main range I really rate:

5th Doctor - The Kingmaker, Singularity, Circular Time, Son of the Dragon, The Haunting of Thomas Brewster

6th Doctor - Davros, Arrangements for War, The Nowhere Place, and the arc where he travels with Charley are all very good

7th Doctor - The Harvest, Master, LIVE 34, Red, The Magic Mousetrap

8th Doctor - Terror Firma, Memory Lane. I've also just finished listening to the four series of Eighth Doctor Adventures, which then lead into Dark Eyes, and they are by and large excellent, particularly the fourth series which really went epic.

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That does sound awful. However, 1) pilot write-ups rarely sound very appealing, 2) Gillan is an excellent comedienne (both on Who and on NTSB), and 3) Kapnek's show Suburgatory is much, much smarter than it seemed at first glance. I'm not saying it's going to be awesome, but I'd be interested to see if it turns into anything.

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The Pertwee vibe is definitly intentional. Just compare the photo with one of Jon Pertwees early publicity shots. I rather like it actually.


I am picturing the tenth doctor looking at Capaldi and Smith wearing a Fez and saying "So you're my replacements: a dandy and a clown."

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