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So, I guess I'm finally trying this show out. I started with the modern series, I just started "Father's Day." Up until "Dalek", I wasn't feeling the show, but that was a very fine piece of television and we got some much needed intensity from The Doctor.

Eccleston is an extremely good actor, but when he's trying to be charming and impish, he really reminds me of Noel Fielding. Putting me in mind of Vince Noir, Old Gregg and The Hitcha' probably isn't the best thing. Billie Piper is a nice bit of alright, as well.

Simon Pegg looked like he was living a dream in his guest bit, too.

I guess I'm in for the long haul, now.

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I now want an episode where the monster walks towards the doctor and some unit soldiers. Just as its about to get there. The UNIT soldiers walk away.

The doctor says "where are you going" and they say "you keep saying you dont like, need or trust soldiers. Goodbye" .

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I just finished "The Age of Steel", I was ready to say that Tennant was too goofy for me after Eccleston.

...I guess not. Since he just murdered Rose's mom. Kinda. Enough.

Also, Cassandra:The last Human in Rose's body was pure fetish fuel.

Also,also: the near constant pushing of the two spin offs is irritating. Not that Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Chronicles are bad, I don't know, I've never seen them, but the internal marketing is bothersome.

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Robot of Sherwood:

Loved it! Admittedly, that is my Robin Hood fandom marking out, and I admit it's not anywhere near as polished as Into the Dalek, but it hit all the right buttons for me. Twelve was fun, Robin Hood was well balanced between bravado and sympathetic, and Clara continues to be built increasingly strongly. I'd argue that she's probably more suited as a foil to her new Doctor than the one she first met, a la Sarah Jane between Three & Four. Also, casting Ben Miller as the Sheriff of Nottingham was an inspired choice!

One for Shake & Blake folk, but when the Doctor is having his river duel with Robin Hood (shades of the latter's first meeting with Little John), Twelve opts for a spoon and a leather glove. The leather glove brought back to mind the second episode of the final series of Blakes 7, in which Avon chooses a glove as his weapon of choice in a duel, whereas I'm guessing the spoon is probably a McCoy reference. I also noted some wag on Twitter say the following:

"As much as I loved Ten, when he was in a sword fight he used a sword and lost a hand. Twelve used a spoon and won."

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Not sure how I felt about that episode

it was fun, and I enjoyed the relationship between Robin and the Doctor..but yet another "robots trying to fix their ship so they can get to the promised land" story..didn't we just do that 2 episodes ago. Still, Clara continues to improve.

Also did everyone spot the past Doctor cameo?

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