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He's... an interesting choice? I dunno. Broadchurch was a great series and all but his Who work has been less than stellar. Sure, he did Dinosaurs on a Spaceship but he also did The Power of Three. For that matter, over on Torchwood, he wrote the Cyberwoman episode which still makes me roll my eyes at the very mention of it.

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I'm not linking to it because why would I, but both the Daily Mail and the Mirror are reporting that Series Ten will be Capaldi's last. While, yes, grain of salt, at least until either the Radio Times or the BBC itself weigh in, it also does make sense based on things Capaldi himself has said recently.

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I will admit to damn near cheering when she died. Which makes her the second companion to get that reaction in 50 years. And then they brought her back, gave her a TARDIS, near-immortality and a companion. And for the first time, I hated Stephen Moffat. For the first time, I actually considered not watching Doctor Who until Moffat left.

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