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In spoiler tags although this comes straight from the Beeb:

The BBC confirmed today that John Simm will return as the Master in Series Ten.

Of course, we also already know that

Michelle Gomez is coming back as the Master in Series Ten.

Interesting. More to come.

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So did anyone catch the new episode? I thought it was pretty good. Especially the first act where we saw Bill and the Doctor play off each other. Moffat said he treated this like another pilot for the show, and watching it from that perspective, I thought it was really cool. Everything looked great as well, all nice and colorful. 

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UK bookies have suspended any betting on Kris Marshall (My Family, Traffic Light, Love Actually) to take over as the Thirteenth Doctor. 

Note: this frequently means nothing. It sometimes means word is getting out.

I remember this happening with Paterson Joseph when he was up for Eleven. Obviously that didn't pan out, but word that's come out since then is that Joseph was all but signed until a couple of says before they announced Matt Smith after he fell through.

I can't stress enough how big a grain of salt needs to be taken with this, but the UK press went absolutely batshit over this story today.

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