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I was looking forward to a TARDIS crew consisting of exactly the Doctor and her female companion. The glass-half-empty side of me is wondering if this is them hedging their bets that people wouldn't take to a show just solely featuring Whitaker and one other person, but I'm still all in.

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I was out at the movies, then visiting my grandmother so I was in time to catch the repeat showing at 11:40 pm, but was nodding off in and out throughout. I missed what became of the Captain and the First Doctor, and re-awoke just in time to see the big final scene. But I really enjoyed what I was awake for. First off, I thought this was a great epilogue to series 10, which I found to be top-to-bottom fun. Bill's inclusion was bittersweet and melancholic as her final scene in the season finale. I thought Capaldi's final scene was a bit so-so at first, but it's growing on me. It had to compete with his final scene in the TARDIS from the series 10 finale (which I LOVE) and Matt Smith's farewell scene. But I liked this final episode for the Doctor a lot more than Smith's, which apart from a couple of scenes I really didn't enjoy (the whole he-spends-hundreds-of-years-living-out-his-life-that-we-don't-see put me off a bit). This was much more to the point, and I was anticipating not enjoying the plot but it was a neat story idea. Also a solid cap-off for Moffat as well, although there was a heaping helping of sexist jokes that were meant to be the point and contrast with the times, but I remember Dan and Mike balking at those from the Five Doctors, so I imagined they were over the top for the First Doctor here.


Poor Jenna Coleman looked like a giraffe in the fake neck of hers.

I loved the return of Murray Gold's 9th and 10th Doctor themes as a cap-off to his tenure as well, and Jodie Whitaker's face as she awakens was awesome. Dug that quite a bit and very much all-in for next year.


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20 hours ago, Dan said:

Apparently someone finally cut a check big enough for him to get the hell over himself, as it was announced that Christopher Eccleston is attending his first ever convention.

I am seriously gobsmacked.


Seriously, he doesn't have to do diddly squat if he doesn't want to. You can argue all you want that the role he accepted had a certain expectation behind it, but he's a highly in-demand actor of stage and screen, both big and small. If it's a choice between that and sitting next to Sylvester McCoy as a parade of megafans for a show you did 13 years ago encircle you both, I don't blame the guy for choosing "not that".

Similarly, if he can make people pay top dollar for him doing a convention, that's also something I don't begrudge.

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