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Well, the next one is Pretentious College Student Who. He calls everyone who disagrees with him on any point a crypto-fascist and rails against the parents who pay for his apartment. After that is Angsty Teenage Who. He writes bad poetry about the misery and pain of gym class. Li'l Who comes after that.

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Donna still isn't doing it for me. She's a little to grating and preachy.

I'll give you that, but it's nice to have a companion that a) isn't in love with the Doctor, b) isn't a nineteen-year-old stick in desperate need of a sammich, and c) is willing to call the Doctor on his bullshit. That scene where he launched into his goodbye speech was made of awesome.

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One thing soured me on the Sontaron two-parter. How fricking long did it take they to suss that they should break the window on that car? Its her Grandad for crying out loud, stop scratching the mystical see-through ubstance trapping him in the car and throw a brick for gods sake. I cannot sympathise with stupid protagonists, I just can't.

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Moffat Is New Who Chief

Steven Moffat, who has written some of the most acclaimed episodes of the BBC's Doctor Who, has been named the lead writer and executive producer of the hit SF series, replacing show runner Russell T. Davies, the British Guardian newspaper reported.

Moffat wrote "Blink," an episode that won him the writer prize at this year's BAFTA Craft Awards.

Davies, the key creative figure behind the Doctor Who revival in 2005, will leave the show next season. The fifth season will be broadcast on BBC1 in 2010; Doctor Who airs in the United States on SCI FI Channel Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Moffat's previous episodes include "The Girl in the Fireplace," which earned him his second Hugo Award, and the two-part "The Empty Child," which won him his first Hugo.

Moffat also wrote the six-part BBC series Jekyll, starring James Nesbitt and Michelle Ryan.

The article states that Moffat will replace Davies in 2009, taking over as "showrunner" for the fifth series in 2010. Moffat has been responsible for several episodes of the revived Doctor Who to date, including the BAFTA Award-winning "Blink" and the forthcoming two-parter "Silence in the Library" and "Forest of the Dead".

Davies is quoted as saying: "It's been a delight and an honour working with Steven, and I can't wait to see where his extraordinary imagination takes the Doctor. Best of all, I get to be a viewer again, watching on a Saturday night!"

The BBC press release includes a comment from Moffat himself: "My entire career has been a Secret Plan to get this job. I applied before but I got knocked back 'cos the BBC wanted someone else. Also I was seven. Anyway, I'm glad the BBC has finally seen the light, and it's a huge honour to be following Russell into the best - and the toughest - job in television. I say toughest 'cos Russell's at my window right now, pointing and laughing."

Moffat will continue as a director on the board of Hartswood Films, which produced Coupling and Jekyll, where he is also working on a new comedy Adam & Eve with wife Sue Vertue.

This was the worst kept secret of the year, but still. Year in and year out, Moffat writes rings around everyone else on this show. There simply couldn't possibly be a better choice.

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As cool as that image is, my fingers are crossed that we'll see lots of old companions.

There are going to be cast members from Torchwood, but as far as I know, no one from the original series other than Sarah.

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am I the only one who thinks that is one of the dumbest promotional images ever?

It's fucking stupid.

Make a scary face at your monitor.

See? Now it makes more sense.

No, they love this pose for some reason.



I'm not crazy about it either. It's more about who's in the pic that what they're doing.

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