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I wasn't looking that carefully, but I don't think this has been mentioned yet here. Little secret messages on the Who site, including the latest one:

The Doctor Who website continues with it’s secret little bonus content. Each week the Fourth Dimension, the extra info bit, for each episode has some words in italics. Put them together and you get a sentence.

1: All the secrets you seek can be found here on the web.

2: We found your message! You’re alive! But what secrets d’you mean my friend?

3: I mean I glimpsed him! And may the gods help him. Perhaps you can.

4: To see What I saw click on the spot beyond the Doctor’s home planet. (Do that and you get a a video featuring the Doctor. See it here.)

I will keep you up to date on this as the series progressed. It appears to be some sort of dialogue at the moment. And it seems the Doctor is in big trouble!


(sorry for the spam of posts all of a sudden!)

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Final share of the day in this thread, promise. Some "The Doctor's Wife" graphics and gifs from around tumblr. I figure some of you would enjoy these. :D



Crimson, eleven, delight, the smell of dust after rain.




*Edit: Bonus!


Sarah Jane: Does he still stroke bits of the TARDIS?

Rose: Yeah! Yeah! He does! I’m like, “do you two wanna be alone?”

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Was it just me, or did the sound of a thousand Fanfic writers typing at their keyboards get really loud once "The Doctor's Wife" aired?

I just checked, and there isn't any, which surprised me; every fic there is 'ship based. I'll take a wander through some other places..

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Hey, I've got a crazy theory here. I know that they'll probably get rid of the Ganger Doctor, but what if the doctor we saw die in The Impossible Astronaut was the Ganger Doctor? It's Plausible enough that the Ganger Doctor would be able to Regenerate.

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