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I doubt that this is the only version we see. If I remember correctly, he is supposed to have different modes. Maybe this is combat or stealth.

My problem is that it looks more like a man in armor, rather than a robot man.

In the original version of the script he goes through different versions the way Iron Man does and gets smaller and more human-like as they perfect the technology.

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There is a strange tendency for films of this genre to take cues from other recent popular film designs. It's part batman, part snake eyes no Robocop. There doesn't seem to be anything fresh looking about it at all.

Granted it's only one photo and it's in no way a finished product. It could be a costume that is only seen for a few seconds or minutes in the final film.

The point is the original was such an iconic look, that this version seems like it needs to up it's game. Hopefully it has more to offer than this.

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I see everyone on Facebook and Twitter reacting the same as you, and I don't get it. I mean, I respect your opinion, but, for me, the action looks tight; I dig the story they're going for; and it has Jackie Earle Haley, Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman, and Michael Keaton. I just can't imagine it being anything but exciting.

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I was not a fan of a remake and that trailer did nothing to change my mind. Of the changes that I noticed, I cannot say that I liked any them. Yeah, I hold the original in high regard and that is probably playing a part. But, it still just looks like Iron Man armor to me (specially with the flip down helmet) than being a cyborg.

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