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I hold the first Robocop in very high regard. That being said, this looks AWESOME. Like Dan said, it might fit in that Dredd category of simple fun. I hope it turns out well. Hell, if the story is halfway-decent but the action is as good as it looks, I'll be pleased.

I hate being a QFT guy, but this.

Also, yeah, the face isn't burnt? What?

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actually watching it between saving that one hand, in the original Murphy's good arm is explicitly amputated, and showing the original suit it seems this movie is going to go out of its way to bag on the original.

"Bag on the original" may be a little harsh. The fact that they're using a specific point like whether or not to keep the hand and taking it in a different direction, I think, is interesting.

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Put me in the camp that thinks this looks good, and I was highly skeptical up to now. Looks like they're going in with a lot of reverence towards the original but going with a sleeker more agile hero and a more emotional story since from the outset its going to be a war between Murphy and what they've made him into.

It would need to hit a lot of buttons to beat the original for me but right now it looks like it's better than all the sequels.

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I'm going to see it in about an hour. Very disappointed in the rating, because the violence was such a big part of the first one.

I never understood the point of the spike to interface with computers, even when I saw it way back then. How many computers have a hole to put a spike in? A cable, I could see... but a spike? It makes no sense. I realize the point of having the spike was to provide Robocop a weapon to stab someone in the head with later, but that could have been a straight-up weapon instead of a spike.

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So we open with The Great Satan America having conquered Iran, and GSA oppressing the peaceful people of Iran in a totalitarian police state...

Come on. Really?

As a movie, I think it fares well next to the original. (I do miss the gore.)

But the political stuff was too heavy handed. Had they just let it be after the final scene where Murphy's story arc ends, it would have been fine... annoying, but not too bad. But they just had to put the explanation point on at the end and really ram it into the ground.


Can I just have a fun action movie please? I see enough of this as I read the news every day. This is supposed to be an escape from reality.

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