Nick Fury vs. The Punisher

Fat DJ

Who wins?  

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Ok, so Nick Fury and the boys at SHIELD are up to some zany nonsense again. This time, they're actively trying to get the Super Soldier formula out of the Cat-presumably to make more Super Soldiers. The Cat somehow manages to escape from SHIELD headquarters, and runs into the Punisher. While cordial with him, he manages to steal something from him, which pisses the Punisher off. So the Punisher kills the Cat.

Enraged, Nick Fury descends to Earth to take on the Punisher, but for some reason, looks to go it alone. Both are superb hand to hand fighters, and both have access to an incredible arsenal of weaponry-and know how to use it.

Who lives?

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Attached a poll. Well, Castle has killed Fury in the past, but I think it was a robot (or that was Marvel's reasoning years later when the chose to bring Fury back). Either way, Castle wins this, but I'll be back later to explain why.

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