Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men #1

The Master

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I had not looked at any spoilers or rumors...damn that was powerful! I did not see the end coming. As I started reading it, I thought, oh look, the Marvel Heroes have saved the Earth again with some special device (the negative zone portal). Then I saw the drool..."what the hell was that" I thought--maybe an inside joke? Then I got it--Kitty's the sweetest X-Man ever (ignoring her first year in the New Mutants, when she was a first class whiner). We hadn't seen her in continuity in years, then we get her for Astonishing X-Men, Peter's alive, all is good. Then she fuses with the rocket/large a** bullet?! I never even thought about that with her phasing powers. I almost always hate to see dead or other characters sent into the void to come back (e.g. Jean Grey--worst excuse ever for a comeback!). Hawkeye may be the one exception (I think the longer Captain America is dead [no Skrull changing-crap please], the more powerful his character will become) since it was such a short time, but from Bucky Barnes to Professor X (faking his death about 50 times and counting), they should stay dead. Except for Kitty. Particularly (even though they are in different universes) since Ultimate Kitty just saved Spider-Man's neck (literally). Bring her back now!!!

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