Mega Man 9 official!

Mr. Keith

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Mega Man 9 on the Way?

Capcom may be prepping another real Mega Man title.

by Daemon Hatfield

June 16, 2008 - These days Mega Man is more interested in card-battling than the side-scrolling platforming we grew up with. Hence our excitement when we noticed publisher/developer Capcom had submitted Mega Man 9 for rating with Australia's Classification Board and Classification Review Board. The organization acts like the Entertainment Software Ratings Board in the U.S. When a game shows up on one of these ratings lists, it's a pretty good indication it's on the way.

The game was filed for multiple platforms. Unfortunately no other details are given. The last game in the original Mega Man canon was part eight, released on the PlayStation and SEGA Saturn back in 1997.


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Mega Man 9 Set for WiiWare

Looks like the Blue Bomber is going back to his roots.

by Daemon Hatfield

June 26, 2008 - Our ears perked up last week when we saw Capcom had filed the title Mega Man 9 with Australia's Classification Review Board (down under's version of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board). It's been over ten years since we were blessed with a proper new Mega Man game. Now it looks like the next entry in the series is set for Nintendo's WiiWare service.

Fansite The Mega Man Network has gotten its hands on a couple (blurry) scans from the next issue of Nintendo Power. The screenshots look like the classic 8-bit Mega Man we all know and love. Capcom is apparently going old school with this one. Mega Man Network lists the following robot bad guys:

* Magma Man

* Galaxy Man

* Jewel Man

* Concrete Man

* Hornet Man

* Plug Man

* Tornado Man

* Splash WOMAN (although this isn't confirmed, yet)

Mega Man 9 is being developed by Inti Creates, a team made up of former Capcom devs that brought us the first three Mega Man X games, Mega Man Zero, and the Mega Man ZX series.

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A review is up on IGN for this game.

And the release date has been confirmed for this Monday across all systems! Plus, some extra downloadable content you can purchase for the game.

I am so fucking happy for this.

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Got it and am loving it. I've gone through six of the bosses so far, with Diamond(-edit-I mean Jewel) Man's stage being the one place I'm having the most difficulties with. I'm alright for the most part, but then I come to this part with a platform swinging back & fourth where I only a small opening with spikes covering a good portion of the area. Which I have yet to be able to get past once. I also like how they added some achievements onto the Wii version. Definitely gives some extra replay value to the game, especially for those who aren't use to playing 360 games. Even if some of them are fucking insane(Beat the game 30 times? Beat the game without getting hit???).

Also, there are some ridiculous times being set on some of the stages in time attack. I know they aren't all that long, but I've already seen some people who've already beaten stages in a little short of two minutes/

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I need a hard copy of this somehow. I can't do DLC/emulation stuff.


Collector mindset. If I don't have a physical game in my hands, I don't really own it. I've never bought anything on DLC, and the only stuff I've ever tried on emulation are fan translations of import only games, or unreleased betas of games that never came out.

The next two generations, when the whole industry switches to download as it's main source of distribution, I'm going to officially go insane and probably stop collecting at that point.

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Man, when you said before that you couldn’t do DLC, I just assumed it was because you didn’t like using your credit card online or you had internet issues or something. But you’re really missing out at the moment. I’ve only got Xbox Live, but Mega Man 9, Castle Crashers, Bionic Commando: Rearmed, Braid and Galaxy Wars 2 have all been well worth what I paid for them.

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