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Earlier today it dawned on me that my favorite class in grade school was home economics. Most everything else put me to sleep, and I saw very little need for the other classes in my future. But cooking and sewing were valuable skills I could take into the real world, ones I knew I'd need to know as an adult. Plus, it was fun fucking around with my classmates, and the classroom always smelled great by the time the bell sounded.

What classes did you guys enjoy the most in grade school?

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My favorite glass in grade school were those McDonald's commemorative glasses. If I had to pick one it would be Hamburglar all the way.

I still have my Batman one.

On the real subject though, I Loved Home Economics. That's where I learned how to play paper football, and saw Samantha Fox's boobs for the first time. Maybe I learned the wrong lessons?

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Guest GL_Nerd1337

Art Class freakin' rules. My art teacher recomended me to the high school so I can take one more art class than everyone else!

I concure Math sucks big ones. Especially when your teacher hates you as much as mine did.

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