Ever wanted to hear the weirdest scottish accent ever?

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Well I made another does a thing review!

The good news is I had something to say!

The bad news is my voice sounds terrible!

Could anyone watch this and give advice on whether they enjoyed this or not.


Synopsis:How about me playing a good game?

Well how about Ballz 3d, I think it's some puzzle game?

3D fighter? This I've got to see!

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What your a fan of Suavestar talks too much and want two new episodes!?

Are you insane?

Well I never disappoint a fan, so heres a new episode talking about testing out new video and how I started reviews

Heres another one just updating on whats coming soon and possibly never coming

This episode taught me to at least mute one audio thing and not have three at once!

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I need some things to talk about in my "Suavestar talks too much" videos.

So post in here what you want me to talk about.

I'm going to sit down and watch wall-e for the first time today and have just finished reading Batman R.I.P, plus I may mention the fun of being a student.

Anything else anyone wants mentioned?

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After a short break, I return with a new episode of Suavestar talks too much!

Part one

Part 2

If you listen you can actually hear a change in my attitude from miserable to actually upbeat and by the end of part two, it almost seems like I'm in a good mood.

If you always wondered what it would be like to hear me not being miserable, then this is the two episodes of Suavestar talks too much for you!

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