Halloween 1978 30th Anniversary 6-Disc

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With the Rob Zombie remake getting its first re-release as a 3 disc DVD Set, Anchor Bay Entertainment is once again dusting of its Halloween series and releasing them all in one box set. This set will include:

Disc 1: Halloween(1978-Theatrical)

Disc 2: Halloween (1981-Extended Version)

Disc 3: Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers(DiviMax Edition)

Disc 4: Halloween V: The Revenge of Michael Myers(DiviMax Edition)

Disc 5: Halloween: 25 Years of Terror Documentary(maybe a single disc)

Disc 6: Halloween(1978) Blu-Ray Edition

The package on the set is a replica of the Halloween mask. Not sure if these release(at least the thetrical Halloween disc)has any of its previous edition Special Features.

Here is the link for the official box art, no official release date now:


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Halloween 2 not part of it?


Yeah, Universal owns the rights to Parts 2 and 3, while Dimension owns the rights to Parts 6-present. Parts 1, 4, 5 and 25 Yrs Documentary were all independently made and Anchor Bay has distribution rights. Unless Universal and Anchor Bay was to sign the rights over to Dimension, we will never get an official Halloween box set.

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