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No, I have not read #16, but no matter how good it was there's no way it made up for the mess that Fraction and Brubaker made of the series. "The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven" was a muddy, eight-part, go-nowhere story. As I said during The Show, I've given this series too much of my time and money, and now I'm done with it.

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Fraction and Brubaker dropped the ball? Did you read issue 16? Fraction and Brubaker gave Swierczynski a lot of material to work with and if he wasn't able to follow up on it effectively, it's his own damn ball drop.

It's been an uneven book from the get-go. I have trouble believing 16 pulled a rabbit out of a hat. If it did? Too little, too late.

If two of my favourite writers in the field cannot make a book with this premise appealing to me the there is something wrong.

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I can't say that I read #16, but I reviewed #14, and it was a confusing mess. Yes, there was a lot to work with, but there was too much to work with, and the whole book collapsed. Brubaker and Fraction spent so much time throwing everything they could think of into the mix that there was nowehre to go, and whoever was going to straighten the book out, it's sure as hell not going to be Swierczynski taking a break from finding new ways to explain why Cable's baby doesn't get punctured.

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I was so happy that you guys both dug Wolverine: First Class, and atleast didn't hate Uncanny X-Men. X-Men: Legacy is a mess, and i can't wait until they get back to just plain old X-Men because Mike Carey's run pre-Messiah Complex was excellent.

It still kills me that you guys both bash Bru/Fraction's Immortal Iron Fist because i (and many other people) feel that was one of the best super-hero comics in years, and a total breath of fresh air. I know it's your opinion and all but it still kills me everytime i hear it. I can't speak of Swierczynski's run because i haven't read any of it but it wouldn't suprise me if it's bad since most of his comic work has been "meh" (too bad since i like his crime novels).

Still, best episode of IIWY? in a long time.

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