DC, Marvel, or other?

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Which comic book company do you prefer?  

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Disliking the art in Sandman is no excuse not to get into the series, as it changes artists with almost every arc. I'm a huge fan of Sam Keith, but his style just doesn't mesh with the kind of story Gaiman was trying to tell in the first arc, and the series really improves in that aspect after he leaves. Of course, Dave McKean's covers are exquisite and steal a lot of momentum from the internal artists, but a lot of big names cut their teeth on Sandman. It's where I first discovered Chris Bachalo, P. Craig Russell, Kelley Jones, Charles Vess and Jill Thompson, among many others. If you're looking to get into the Sandman, I'd actually recommend you start with Seasons of Mists or Dream Country, as they're much more accessible than Preludes & Nocturnes. The former is IMO the best arc of the series and the latter is a set of self-contained stories that provide an excellent taste of the different flavors the series offers.

As for why I chose Marvel in the poll, I prefer the humanity of their characters. Where Superman and Wonder Woman are virtually gods, impossible to defeat and tough to relate to, Spider-Man and the X-Men are bound much more firmly in a believable reality. Many of Marvel's stories speak to me on a level I'm comfortable with, while the mainstream DC stories I've followed feel more distant and I have trouble connecting. I also prefer the traditional Marvel artistic style, although those waters have grown murkier over the years with the exchange of talent.

It also helps that I grew up with Marvel characters, while DC books were always something I knew of but never went out of my way to follow.

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