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This upcoming Tuesday, my dad and stepmom will celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary.


My parents are three years away from 50.

I was driving to work in my new car with my Dutch daughter this week listening to Who Cares a Lot? the FNM greatest hits CD. I went "Oh shit!" when it hit me. She was like "what?" It dawned on me, that this was the album put out after one of my favorite bands broke up when they owed the label another record. A greatest hits often is. I bought it when it came out, almost 20 years 5 years before this chick was born.

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I know I basically post this in this thread every year, but it never fails to make me feel a million years old:

In five days, my youngest son (the one whose birth announcement was made on this site) is 11.

His older brother (who's 12) is on a trip with his class to Quebec sans parents and starts high school in September. 

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11 hours ago, teenalphabro said:

When the Countdown episodes of The Show first started, I believe I would almost start high school. 

I'm going to be graduating college in May. 


Edit: Got my dates wrong. I would've been in middle school. 

I was the father to two children under 2 and devoid of grey hair. My oldest is going to high school next year and I'm starting to look like Reed Richards up in this bitch.

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Today I had to go check on my parents house while they enjoy vacation.  My mom wanted me to check that the basement wasn't flooded.  So I went down the stairs.  The stairs that I used to play on and fall down all the time.  Like all the time.  How else was Donatello supposed to do a quintuple backflip off a building onto Bebop unless I ran full speed down the stairs?   But I was 10 and made of rubber then.  20+ years later and falling down stairs isn't as much fun.  In fact, it hurts like a motherfucker. 

In other news, I have no idea where I put my knee brace.

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