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Today I was walking a student through an exercise on prepositional phrases. the end of our discussion went thusly:

Me: So there might be several prepositions in a sentence but you have to decide which one is part of a non-essential prepositional phrase.

Her: So there can only be one?

Me: Yeah, just like Highlander!

Her: (look of bewilderment)

Me: You didn't understand that reference did you?

Her: Nope. (walks away)

Me: "Here we are, born to be kings..."

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When our lecturer says "you are probably all too young to remember when at night the tv image would turn to static" and my coursemate immidiately turns to look at me. I'm 26, its not like I remember where I was when JFK was shot! I mean, my memory of late night/early morning TV in my childhood was Teletext, and that started in the 70's. She wasn't alive when the Simpsons started, thats the crazy thing to me.

She also said that she want to start having kids when she's 25, not when she's "old". Ouch. I guess I left it too late.

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I'm only 24 but I was still in High School when Smallville started. Still makes me feel like a fogey. In an attempt to make myself feel better, I was four when The Simpsons premiered. Much better.


You feel old because you were in high school? Smallville (and Justice League and The Tick - live action) all started after I finished med school.

The Simpsons started at the end of high school (and thanks to it's stupid high ratings, The Flash got low ratings and was canceled. Not that I'm bitter).

The nice thing about now is everything is available, so I can get my 5 year old daughter to watch Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, Superfriends, and Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends (she likes Firestar because they both have red hair) and actually have her get my references.

Although, when she dressed up as a horse for Halloween, she had no idea why Daddy was trailing behind her, banging together two halves of a coconut....


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The Simpsons started at the end of high school

When I was over at Niki's for Thanksgiving, Tim, her husband, popped in a Simpsons DVD for her young cousins. As I stood there watching it, something dawned on me: Nicolette was two when The Simpsons premiered. Many times she's said that the program has always been a part of her life, but I never did the math until that moment.

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That sounds awesome. Please say you were humming "Brave sir Robin" as well.

When danger reared its ugly head,

He bravely turned his tail and fled,

Actually, the next day, a friend of hers had a birthday party, so she got to go as Wonder Woman (so technically, she did still dress up as a princess)

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