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While far from the first time I've felt old, today we had two college girl's tennis teams competing at the courts at work. When did college girls start looking like they are all 15?

I get older, they stay the same age...

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Yeah. I was clearly not thrilled at the rpospect, and the doctor says, "Oh, it's really not a big deal. It's not at all uncommon for someone in their 40s to start to need them."

And I said, "Yes, but I'm not in my 40s."

And he said "...oh."

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I became that guy who tuts about the sexual content of movie trailers when anticipating the Avengers yesterday. It's rated 12A here, which was the BBFC cowtowing to (ironically enough) Marvel and like-minded studios about X-Men being restricted to audiences aged 12 or over and missing the core audience as a result. As such there were kids in the theatre, from about age 5 and upwards.

First trailer? American Pie Reunion. Then Dark Shadows, which essentially ends on a "morning after" beat, and The Dictator, which has the morning after between SBC and Megan Fox. There was also Prometheus, Men In Black 3 and Ice Age 4, which were fine, but I was still on my morally outraged high horse.

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That's not really an "old person" complaint; that's perfectly reasonable. There is absolutely no reason an American Pie trailer should be shown before something as magnetic to kids as The Avengers. Same goes for Dark Shadows and The Dictator. It kind of sucks for parents especially, since even the ones who've spent the time to research which movies are safe for their kids ahead of time won't be able to control the trailers.

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What are those trailers rated in England? I know that Dark Shadows is PG-13 here, Prometheus and American Pie and probably Dictator are R. R trailers aren't shown with PG-13 movies, here, so that would probably be the theatres' choice. Which is dumb, but if they're obligated to show certain reels, I can see that happening.

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