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James D.

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So, what do you all have as your ringtones and/or message alerts on your cellphones?

Here are mine:

Ringtone: The New Batman/Superman Adventures theme

Text message/voicemail alert: Joker from The Dark Knight saying, "It's not about's about sending a message."

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On my old phone Jenny used to be the Muppet Show theme, but now she's "Falling Slowly" from Once.

Text messages are Strong Bad saying "Ohhh! Electronic mail!"

The general tone, however, is the GI Joe theme song! YO JOE!

I know this wasn't asked, but I have a picture of Statler and Waldorf as the wallpaper. :D

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Autumnsong by the Manic Street Preachers. Its absolutly perfect, the opening chords sound clear and simple like a ringtone and the song is a personal favorite. It replaced my former longtime favorite "Hall of the Mountain Kings", a preference I had due to my Dad's incessesant whistling of the tune when I was young.

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I have a few. The primary ringer is "Where'd the Cheese Go," a song Ween recorded for a Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust ad campaign that was ultimately rejected. It's priceless. Fed up with the rejection, they recorded a

that's my ringer when Caller ID is blocked.

When the wife calls, it's

by Kraftwerk, and when it's a call from home it's

I've got a bunch more that are assigned to specific callers, but they're all pretty dull.

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Guest GL_Nerd1337

Ringtones I Own:

"Beating Heart Baby" by Head Automatica

"94 Hours" by As I Lay Dying

"My Curse" by Killswitch Engage

"Dead!" by M.C.R.

"Must Have Done Something Right" by Relient k

I wish I didn't like so many underground local bands, everytime I search for When Hope Prevails or To The Depths there's nothing on either. Even though WHP is signed. <_<

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