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Being an Oakland Raiders fan I love the line in the second promo "Good Guys Wear Black" LOL. For those that don't know the Raiders used to use the motto "Real Men Wear Black". I also liked how the voice over for the second cartoon is the guy who voiced Optimus Prime in the cartoons in the 1980s and in the recent Transformers films. He also voiced the narration for the old Voltron Lions series in 1984.

This video gives us a solid time line for when batman beyond takes place: 2039, does that mean JLU takes place in 1989?

My link

and this video reminds me why I love BTAS, I remember when I was a wee tot how incredible it was to take in the show, as I was only 2 when it aired, so I actually started avidly watching in the KidsWb days. I remember I set the VCR to record the Demon's Quest, and I later taped the other 2 Ra's al Ghul episodes on to it. (The WB store used to sell vhs tapes focusing on each character. I had the Batman, Robin, and Riddler tapes but I was pissed their wasn't a Ra's one. This may be the best promo ever, it makes me miss staying up late (or what seemed late to me at the time) to watch Toonami.

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Just finished watching "A Better World" for the first time and I have to admit I really like most of the character redeigns on the Justice League heros. Wonder Woman looked hot with short hair and HawkGirl was sweet with her headdress redesign. Further I really liked the redesign of Batman and Superman the most, I liked the idea that Superman wears a white cape because white symbolizes good (for the msot part) in movies and tv shows. This despite his going rogue. I didn't care much for the redesign of G.L. but the Batman's redesign was sweet, especially the colors.

A good episode too! Since this is my first time watching the Justice League I am truely enjoying this. For those that don't know I just finished Superman the Animated Series this past month. I have been and have owned BTAS for years but never got into the rest of the DCAU. This has been fun and once Justice League is finished its on to Batman Beyond.


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Just finished the Justice League for the first time. Justice League Unlimited was next so now I am on Batman Beyond. Maybe this has been mentioned before and since I have not listened to WFP which deals with the batman beyond episodes I did have a though.

Terry's origin seems a lot like Peter Parkers.

Peter Parker's uncle is killed in a robbery...well so is Terrys except it is his real father. Parker's uncle was his father figure anyway.

Flash is a bully in the SPider-Man origin and Terry deals with his own bully

There is a female lead hearttrob for Terry.

Just some thoughts on this.

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Well I am finally finished. I watched in order over the course of several months


Gothem Knights

Superman the Animated Series

Justice League

Justice League Unlimited

Batman Beyond

No I did not watch Gotham Girls, The Zeta Project or Teen Titans. Yes I do consider them part of the DCAU continuity and universe but I chose not to watch those shows because they just do not interest me. I think what I did watch was time consuming and cost consuming enough. Great shows. Here are my grades out of ten overall on all the series that I watched.

BTAS is a 7/10

Gotham Knights is a 6/10

Superman is a 6.5/10

Justice League 8/10

Justice League Unlimited 7.5/10

Batman Beyond 6/10

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I'm with Mike in that I think B:TAS is just a slightly better show. But Teen Titans is number 2 no doubt.

*Edit - I thought I'd mention that if I really went though and really analyzed which show was actually technically better quality (ignoring how important B:TAS was to not only the DCAU but to animation and Batman as a whole) Teen Titans is probably the superior show.

(I know that was the most convoluted sentence of all time)

Edited by laugh anyway!
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