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I'm really weird on how I would rank the DCAU. For example I have a really hard time putting Justice League above Batman Beyond. I would also put S:TAS very high on the list. Although it really changes day by day my list probably looks something like this:

Batman: The Animated Series

Teen Titans

Superman: The Animated Series

Justice League Unlimited

Batman Beyond

Justice League

Static Shock

The Zeta Project

Don't get the impression I don't like SS, I really do, It's just not a show I would really chose to watch over the others. But on some days I would even put Static Shock above JL and BB. Also I'm in the Not in Continuity camp for TT, but it's a fantastic show all the same.

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I don't deny anyone's expertise on Teen Titans. I guess I have to admit that I grew tired of the DCAU after watching so many episodes so quickly. I am sure that I will revisit it again soon! This of course includes possibly watching and enjoying Teen Titans. As for the DCAU I do have a slight urge to rewatch some of the classics in the Superman the Animated Series show such as the Late Mr. Kent but again I am taking a break. The inconsistent, campy SuperFriends 1973 awaits!

As I stated on Episode 100, I truly believe Teen Titans was the best overall show in the DCAU in terms of consistency, quality, and enjoyment.

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I know that I am extremely behind on this podcast, seeing as how it’s finished now, but I’ve only recently discovered it, I used to watch these “Cartoons” (animated shows) as a kid and thought they were great. As an adult I can enjoy them even more as I now understand all of the more mature themes behind certain lines and stories. I’m continuing my way through and loving every minute. All of that to say this, Thank you to Mike & James for putting in all of the time and effort that it must have taken to review all of these episodes. It’s reignited my love for these shows and has made me go out and find them on DVD (sadly not all are released in the UK, so I’m importing them with the help of Thank you again for the hours of enjoyment. Chris

P.S. Sorry if this makes me sound like a gushing fan boy (but in this case I believe I am)

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This is a bit random but I've been re-listening to some episodes of WFP now that I can drive and B:TAS comes on The Hub. Perchance to Dream came on the other night and I realized what a incredible episode it was. One of the best of the series (not to mention Kevin Conroy's personal favorite) so I was shocked when you guys gave it such low scores, I want to say James my have even lowered his score in the retrospective. Why? It's brilliant, and it has one of the best climaxes in all of B:TAS. Your only major criticism was that Hatter shouldn't appear in Bruces dream which does make any sense of course he would he's the one who behind the whole illusion in the first place.

Whatever, anyway I just needed to get this off of my chest.

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Looks like Teen Titans will have a revival of sorts with these new shorts airing on Cartoon Network with all the original voice actors. That's not to say you should bring back a whole podcast back just for some stupid out of continuity shorts. :*

What about Teen Titans Go! I'm still really upset about CN canceling YJ & GL, instead of just adding another hour to the DC Nation block(I mean, come on DC needs to get out there like Marvel has)

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TTG can't really be considered a canonical continuation of the story; it's pretty much entirely made of off-the-wall comedy that probably contradicts TT canon more than anything else.

Really? I didn't spot any contradictions. I did spot quite a few references to episodes od the original series.

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In the second episode (which, by the way, is amazing and you should all watch it), Trigon comes over to Titans Tower to visit Raven like a normal dad, sweater vest and all. He lectures her about how she's not living up to her potential by not conquering enough dimensions or eating any souls. None of the other Titans seem to have met him before.

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